Friends Overview

From the 1970s I have worked with a wide range of creative people in a range of educational technology organisations from MEP to RESOURCE to NCET to Becta. In jotting down a list of these creative people from the top of my head I thought it would be useful to contact them to act as 'Friends' to the website, to gently put me right where I have gone wrong and to fill in the gaps in my failing memory.


John Anderson

Mike Aston

Graham Badman

Enid Bibby

Roger Blamire

Mike Bostock

Doug Brown

Bob Coates

Sandra Crapper

Fred Daly

Ken Dyson

Nick Evans

Bill Gibbon

Heather Govier

Claire Gill

Steve Gill

John Gray

Bob Hart

Dave Hassell

Ysanne Heald

David Heath

Keith Hemsley

Keith Holder

Merlin John

Chris Kirk

Diana Laurillard

Rose Luckin

Stephen Lucey

Doug Masterton

Angela MacFarlane

Sal McKeown

Niel McLean

Richard Millward

Steve Moss

John Newbigin

Adrian Oldknow

Vanessa Pittard

Tony Richardson

Steve Sansom

Tim Scratcherd

John Taylor

Helen Walker

John Wardle

Jane Williams

Chris Yapp

Alison Page

Diane Levine