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In this section this page shows key documents and relates to the other sections. The story of educational technology in English schools and colleges has been remarkably successful. This website focuses on how government from the 1960's has reacted to the challenge technology brought and how supported its use through national bodies and programmes.

This is a contributory website and if you have them I would be really happy to publish your own accounts, photos or documents here.

There is a catalogue of all the old documents and old photos here which were all part of Becta's archives and are now available at the national archives. Please let me know if I have inadvertently broken any intellectual property rights - but it seems a shame to leave them to be lost. I've also agreed with the National Archive of Educational Computing to take all documentary evidence for their collection.

I have to declare an interest - for much of my life I worked in this area - but hopefully where I have expressed a personal view I have made this clear, and you might be interested in reading my story or add your own here.

The challenge of educational technology is still with us and this website will grow and grow - please let me know what you think about it and contribute your own input!

                  Peter Avis

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bjetThis is a dummy section showing what it could look like as a news banner. Here is a copy of BJET which was the inhouse magazine for CET, NCET and Becta. It is now published by Blackwell and contains a mine of useful information on educational technology. Importantly its back numbers chronicle much of the histroy of educational technology in the UK and elsewhere.

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The images below represent some of the key events over the last forty years beginning with the early work on audio-visual education to the present day use of computers and the internet. Scroll through the small photos by hovering over the sliders to left or right and click on any which interest you to see more detail, or click on the large image to go to the web page detailing the history.
Alternatively use the menubar above to locate your area of interest.



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