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Like many of the educational technology developments funded by the Labour Government, Curriculum Online had its origins in the Stevenson Review which recommended:

"An educational Website on the Internet would not only allow
teachers and others to swap ideas, but also create a "virtual marketplace" for software;
a place where software could be freely available, advice could be found and the
opportunity provided for teachers to adapt and contribute collectively to the development
of software packages."

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Curriculum Online

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e-learning credits

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eLearning Credits, or eLCs, were not electronic money - despite the 'e-' prefix - but real funding given to individual schools by government through the channel of their LEA. The money could only be spent on content from registered Curriculum Online suppliers. For the academic year 2003/4, £100million was been made available to schools.

These funds were distributed by LEAs according to the number of schools in the authority's area, and the number of pupils in each school. So, for instance, a 1400-pupil school would have received almost £15,000 - £1000 for the school, and almost another £10 per pupil. This money is devolved directly to school level. In small schools the money is usually spent centrally, with the buying decisions being taken by the headmaster or the ICT co-ordinator. In larger schools, the money is often divided up between heads of department. In all schools, all teaching staff are invited to suggest recommended purchases. Schools also have the option of asking their LEAs or RBCs to spend the allocation on their behalf, for instance, to obtain a greater diversity of products or to make bulk purchases.

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Becta takes over


Becta takes over

eLCs discontinue and Curriculum Online fades