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NOF Teacher Training

The lottery-funded NOF ICT training programme for teachers and school librarians took place from 1998-2003 and was available for every maintained school in the UK. All teachers were expected to have ICT knowledge and competence set out in a document called the Expected Outcomes. Each school and department could choose training from a list of Approved Training Providers (ATPs) across the country, and there was considerable variety in the training programmes on offer.


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regional directors

Consultation Document

Connecting the

Learning Society

Stevenson Report sets the scene

The need for a well funded initiative in teacher training was well established by the Stevenson Review.

"The objective should be for all teachers to have competence in ICT and to be
confident in its use. To bring this about, action is needed on teacher training, both initial and in service, along with other supporting measures (p" ...


"An educational Website on the Internet would not only allow teachers and others to swap ideas, but also create a "virtual marketplace" for software; a place where software could be freely available, advice could be found and the opportunity provided for teachers to adapt and contribute collectively to the development
of software packages.."

Government Announcements

The Government announced that, from April 1999, £230 million of Lottery funds would be available from the New Opportunities Fund (NOF) to help increase the competence of all teachers in their use of ICT in teaching and learning. The scheme would use training organisations, approved by NOF and quality-assured by the Teacher Training Agency (TTA).

Developing the Standards


Recruiting the Providers

The first round of NOF Funded Training Providers was completed in February 1999 with a second round of applications taking place in November 1999.


Funding the Training

Problems and Issues






NOF (2000) ICT Training for Teachers and School Librarians: Information for Schools.