Microelectronics Education Support Unit 1987-1988

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The Microelectronics Education Support Unit (MESU)







NCET People

MESU building


MESU was created on ...

Building on Science Park at Warwick University. Sinclair etc.







Senior Team

John Foster

Chief Executive

John Foster... john foster

Ralph Tabberer

Deputy Director (Curriculum)


Ann Irving

Deputy Director (Information)


Mike Nichols
















"I remember the first day at MESU (in January 1987) at the Science Park in Coventry - all the new staff (and we all were!) turned up in suits to be confronted with dusty boxes of BBC micros to unpack, desks to be put together and tons of MEP software to put on shelves."
Phil Moore (2002)




NCET was a number of dedicated and creative staff. Also a number of ... people








Corporate Plans and Annual Reports


Remits, Corporate Plans and Annual Reports





The DES propose the merger of CET and MESU.

The Chairman
What has been achieved so far? I think the answer has to be "Not as much as most members of Council and l would have hoped". Where then do the difficulties and problems lie? The National Council for Educational Technology is a 'Non-Departmental Public Body' (NDPB). In that respect it is similar to bodies such as


Gratton D. Chairman's introduction, NCET Annual Report 1990-1 p2

Jon Richards quoted [online]

Chris Stevens [online]

Phil Moore quoted in NAACE Newletter [online]

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